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Haijiang Wang

Haijiang Wang- Chair Professor
Research Areas: Electrochemical Energy and Fuel Cell


 1978.09-1982.07   Bsc., Department of Chemistry,Henan Normal University, China
 1982.09-1985.07   Msc., Department of Chemistry,Henan Normal University, China
 1990.05-1993.08   Ph.  D.,  Department  of  General  &  Organic  Chemistry,  University  of
                                  Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark

 1985.07-1989.11   Lecturer, Department of Chemistry, Henan Normal University, China
 1989.11-1990.05   Visiting scholar, Department of General & Organic Chemistry, University
                                 of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark

 1993.09-1996.09   Postdoctoral  researcher,  Department  of  Chemistry  and  Biochemistry,  
                                 Utah  State University, Logan, Utah, USA

 1996.09-1997.07   Research  Associate,  Department  of  Chemistry,  University  of  Quebec  
                                 at   Montreal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

 1997.07-1999.10   Research  Scientist,  Western  Research  Center,  Natural  
                                   Resources  Canada,  Devon, Alberta, Canada

 1999.11-2004.01   Senior Research Scientist, Ballard Power Systems, Burnaby, BC, Canada
 2004.01-2014.12   Senior Research Officer, National Research Council Canada,
                                  Vancouver, BC,Canada

 2015.01-2015.10   Principal  Research Officer, National  Research Council Canada,  
                                 VancouverBC, Canada

 2015.10-present   Southern University of Science and Technology,  Chair Professor, Head of  
                                 the Department of  Mechanical and Energy Engineering


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