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Yongbo Wu

Chair Professor
Research Areas: Advanced Manufacturing and Precision Processing

The current research interests of Prof. Wu include magnetic/electric field assisted polishing, ultrasonic assisted machining, electric field-ultrasonic hybrid assisted machining, centerless grinding and so on. He holds 16 Japanese invented patents on the advanced technologies in precision processing and is author of 4 book chapters, more than 160 refereed journal articles, 30 review articles, 80 international conference, and more than 180 domestic conference papers. Owing to his international reputation for outstanding research in advanced and precision engineering, he has been invited to give special talks at international/domestic conferences, symposiums, seminars and academic agencies for 51 times and received 4 Awards from the major Japanese engineering societies: Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME), Japan Society for Precision Engineering (JSPE) and Japan Society for Abrasive Technology (JSAT).

Prof. Wu is also active in international/domestic academic societies and organizations. He has been serving for JSME as chief secretary of technical committee, JSPE as representative member, JSAT and KSMTE (Korean Society of Manufacturing Technology Engineers) as executive board members, ICAT (International Committee for Abrasive Technology) as active member, and ISNM (International Society for Nanomanufacturing) as fellow, respectively, and successfully organized JSME Conference on manufacturing and Machine Tool and ISMNM (International Symposium on Micro/Nano Mechanical Machining and Manufacturing) series as chairmen.
Current Research Interests and Subjects:
(1) Magnetic-field Assisted Polishing

 A MCF (Magnetic Compound Fluid) Slurry and its Fundamental Performance in Nano-precision Surface Polishing
 Precision Finishing of Mold/Die for m-TAS/Fresnel lens Fabrication Using MCF Slurry
 Nano-precision MCF Surface Finishing of Quartz/Sapphire/Fine ceramics
 Robotic Mirror Surface Finishing of free-formed/Aspherical surface using MCF Slurry
 A MCF wheel and its performance in high-efficiency polishing of electro-optical/ceramic materials.
(2) Ultrasonic Assisted Machining

 Internal Ultrasonic Assisted Mirror Grinding
 A New Ultrasonic Vibration Spindle without Electric Power Supplying
Elliptic Ultrasonic Assisted Grinding (EUAG) Method and its Performance in High-efficiency Precision Machining of Sapphire, Silicon and SiC
 Ultrasonic Assisted Fixed-abrasive CMP (Chemical Mechanical Polishing) Technology and its Performances in Precision Machining of Silicon/Optical Glass and Wafer Edge treatment
 Ultrasonic Assisted Cutting and Grinding of Difficult-to-cut Materials (Titanium alloy, Ni based alloy)
(3) Electric field-Ultrasonic Hybrid Assisted Machining

Ultrasonic Assisted Electrolytic/Plasma Oxidation Grinding (E/POG) of Difficult-to-Machine Materials (Titanium Alloy, Ni-based Alloy, Tungsten Carbide)
Electroplastic-effect/Ultrasonic Hybrid Assisted Machining of Difficult-to-Machine Materials
(4) Centerless Grinding

 A New Centerless Grinding Mothed Performed on Surface Grinder
 Micro-Cylindrical/Spherical fabrication and by Ultrasonic-Shoe Centerless Grinding
(5) A Tilt Helical Milling Method and its Performance in the Hole Creation Process of CFRP
Educational Background and Qualifications:

◆ Jul. 1982          B.S. (Mech.), Hefei University of Technology, China
◆ Jan. 1985         M.S. (Mech.), Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China
◆ Mar. 1997        Ph.D. (Mech.), Tohoku University, Japan 

Professional Work Experience:
◆ Aug. 2016 – present     Chair professor, Dept. of Mechanical and Energy Engineering,  
                                         Southern University of Science and Technology, China.

◆ Apr. 2000 - April.2017  Lecturer (till Mar. 2004), Associate Professor (till Mar. 2007),
                                         and Professor (from Apr. 2007), Dept. of Machine Intelligence
                                         & Systems Engineering, Akita Prefectural University, Japan

                                         (Jul. 2002 – Nov. 2002: Visiting Academics, Queensland University
                                          of Technology, Australia)

◆ Jul. 1998 – Mar. 2000    Assistant Professor, School of Engineering, Tohoku University,

◆ Apr. 1997 – Jun.            1998 Senior Engineer, Ultrasonic Nikon Corporation, Japan
◆ Oct. 1991 – Mar.            1992 Visiting Researcher, School of Engineering, Tohoku
                                          University, Japan

◆ May 1989 – Sep.           1991 Teaching Assistant/Lecturer, Nanchang Institute of
                                          Aeronautical Technology, China

◆ Oct. 1987 – Apr.            1989 Visiting researcher, Toyohashi University of Technology,

◆ Feb. 1985 – Sep.            1987 Teaching Assistant, Nanchang Institute of
                                          Aeronautical Technology, China

Awards and Honors:
◆ 2012 International Society for Nanomanufacturing, Fellow
◆ 2011 Specially invited expert for “555 project” of Jiangxi Province, China
◆ 2009 30th Machine Tools Technology Promotion Award of Japan.
◆ 2004 Best Paper Award of JSAT (The Japan Society for Abrasive Technology)
◆ 2002 Kumagai Award of JSPE (The Japan Society for Precision Engineering)
◆ 1999 Manufacturing and Machine Tool Research Award of JSME
  (The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers)

Representative Books and Papers:
 S. Li, Y. Wu, M. Nomura, Effect of grinding wheel ultrasonic vibration on chip formation in surface grinding of Inconel 718, Int. J. of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, in press ; DOI: 10.1007/s00170-015-8149-0.
 Y. Wang, Y. Wu and M. Nomura, Feasibility study on surface finishing of miniature V-grooves with magnetic compound fluid slurry, Precision Engineering, Vol.45, (2016) pp.67-78.
 S. Li, Y. Wu, M. Nomura, Improving the working surface condition of electroplated cBN grinding quill in surface grinding of Inconel 718 by the assistance of ultrasonic vibration, ASME J. of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, Vol.138, (2016) pp.071008-1_8.
 D. Lu, Q. Wang, Y. Wu, J. Cao, H. Guo, Fundamental Turning Characteristics of Inconel 718 by Applying Ultrasonic Elliptical Vibration on the Base Plane, Materials and Manufacturing Processes, Vol.30, No.8 (2015) pp.1010-1017.
 J. Cao, Y. Wu, J. Li, Q. Zhang, A grinding force model for ultrasonic assisted internal grinding (UAIG) of SiC ceramics, Int. J. of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Vol.81, No.5 (2015) pp.875-885.
 Y. Wang, Y. Wu, H. Guo, M. Fujimoto, M. Nomura and K. Shimada, A New MCF (Magnetic Compound Fluid) Slurry and its Performance in Magnetic Field-assisted Polishing of Oxygen-free Copper, J. of Applied Physics, 117 (2015) pp.17D712-1_4.
 H. Guo, Y. Wu, D. Lu, M. Fujimoto, M. Nomura, Effects of pressure and shear stress on material removal rate in ultra-fine polishing of optical glass with magnetic compound fluid slurry, J. of Materials Processing Technology, Vol.214, No.11 (2014) pp.2759-2769.
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 Y. Li, Y. Wu, L. Zhou, M. Fujimoto, Vibration-Assisted Dry Polishing of Fused Silica Using a Fixed-Abrasive Polisher, Int. J. of Machine Tools and Manufacture, Vol. 77, No.1 (2014) pp.93-102.
 L. Jiao, Y. Wu, X. Wang, H. Guo, Z. Liang, Fundamental performance of magnetic compound fluid (MCF) wheel in ultra-fine surface finishing of optical glass, Int. J. of Machine Tools and Manufacture, Vol. 75 (2013) pp.109-118.
 Z. Liang, X. Wang, Y. Wu, L. Xie, L. Jiao, W. Zhao, Experimental Study on Brittle - Ductile Transition in Elliptical Ultrasonic Assisted Grinding (EUAG) of Monocrystal Sapphire using Single Diamond Abrasive Grain, Int. J. of Machine Tools and Manufacture, Vol. 71, (2013) pp.41-51.
 Y. Wu and H. Guo, “Polishing Mechanism and Applications of Magnetic Compound Fluid (MCF) Slurry”, in: Manufacturing Technologies for the Performance Enhancement of Optical Glasses, Chapter 4.5, Science and Technology Publications, Tokyo, Japan, 2012.
 W. Xu, Y. Wu, Simulation investigation of through-feed centerless grinding process performed on a surface grinder, Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Vol. 212 (2012), pp.927-935.
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 Y. Wu, Y. Li, J. Cao and Z. Liang, “Ultrasonic Assisted Fixed Abrasive Machining of Hard-Brittle Materials”, in: Ultrasonics: Theory, Techniques and Practical Application, Nova Science Publishers, Inc., NY, USA, 2012.
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◆ wuyb@sustc.edu.cn