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​Qiang Zhu

​Qiang Zhu-Chair Professor
Research Areas: Precision Forming Technology


◆ 1990-1994    University of Erlangen-Nurnberg, Germany, Dr.-Ing. in Mat Sci.& Engn.
◆ 1982-1986    University of Science and Technology Beijing, Master in Mat Sci.& Engn.
◆ 1978-1982    University of Science and Technology Beijing, Bachelor in Mat Sci.& Engn.


◆ 2016-Present: Chair professor,Dept of Mechanical and Energy Engineering,
   Southern University of Science and Technology, China.
   Research areas: shaping of metals, 3D printing of metallic materials, materials
   design and computer simulation.

◆ 2010-2016:  Chief Scientist, General Research Institute for Non Ferrous Metals,
   Beijing, China. 
   Research areas: special shaping technology of metallic materials, materials
   design and computer simulation.

◆ 2003-2010: Principle Engineer, Cummins Turbo Technologies Ltd, UK. 
    Research area: development of new materials and processing for turbine wheels
   and compressor wheels, Life (mainly high/low cycle fatigue and creep) evaluation
   of components.  

1995-2003:   Research Fellow, University of Sheffield and University of Cambridge , UK.
   Research area: Thermal mechanical processing of metallic materials: experiment
   and simulation.

◆ 1990-1995: Research assistant, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany. 
    Research areas: hot working and creep of aluminum alloys.

1989-1990: Visiting research fellow, Ecole des Mine de Nancy, France. 
   Research area: segregation of alloying and trace elements during directional
   solidification of Ni base alloys.

◆ 1982-1989: Head of Superalloys Laboratory, University of Science and
   Technology Beijing. Research areas: role of trace elements in superalloys on
    microstructure and mechanical properties. 

Awards & Honors:

◆ Special report in “Advance in Engineering” for the paper “Microstructural evolution
   and   thixoformability of semi-solid aluminum 319s alloy during re-melting”, Journal of Alloys
   and Compounds 649(2015) 204-210.

 Cummins Steve Power Award 2004 “Resolution of HX82 Impeller Slinger Boss LCF”
 Cummins Steve Power Award 2006 “Semi-Solid Moulding of Impellers”
◆ 2009 International Die Casting Competition Award on Aluminum Die Casting/Squeeze/
   Semi-Solid, presented by North American Casting Association.

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