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Back to China education and devotion to SUSTech

Chair Prof. Yongbo Wu joined SUSTech in August 2016, who is a famous scholar in the field of precision processing. He worked as full Prof. in Akita Prefectual University and chairman of advance technology and manufacture. He is the first scholar proposing the multi-field (such as sound, ultrasonic wave, magnetic wave, varying magnetic wave, electric field, plasma electron emission, electron induced plastic, microwave, optical field, laser, ultraviolet, chemical field and solid state reaction) aided precision processing. He carried out research focusing on these pioneering concept and has been acknowledged as an authority in this field. Prof. Wu published more than 200 SCI/EI indexed papers. He holds 16 patents (with 7 approved) in Japan, and made 30 lectures in the academic colloquium.

Initial impression: Nine hills and one creek for study and positive student in vivid atmosphere
When it comes to talk about the initial friendship between Prof. Wu and SUSTech, it is owed to the warm invitation of SUSTech for the world famous Prof. to make talks. It has been an excellent legacy in SUSTech. Since the foundation of SUSTech, it emphasizes the global view to cultivate student. Lots of famous experts have paid visits to SUSTech, which make the student closer to the cutting edge academic theory and progress. Prof. Wu is one of the cases. The beautiful campus attracts Prof. Wu. As what he said, the campus is fairly good. In his perspective, SUSTech is not like other the majority of universities competing for architecture, which makes the campus depressed. The layout in SUSTech is nine hills and one creek. Buildings locate among hills and creek, which is a quiet place to study and do research. He saied the overall plan for the campus is so reasonable that everybody can calm down to focus on research. Moreover, the most significant thing that plausible him is the students. When he walked on the campus, the students with positive attitudes and ambitious dream impressed him.

Long term development with dream and effort
After getting a thorough understanding of the concept of education and framework of management, he determined to join SUSTech. As he said, the framework of education is the main reason that he came back to China to continue research and education. He said “I totally agree with the concept of education when it established.” In his opinion, a university is not to be managed by the government. Too many political policies limit the activity of a university. SUSTech is one of the exceptions. It is managed by the board of management. Prof.s take care of the university. Academic research is autonomy for Prof.s. The university starts from education and research, which is served by the administration. A university who has an ambitious dream should be like this. “This is the major factor that I decide to SUSTech, which will also be the reason for other Prof.s have been SUSTech and on their ways”, he said.
Prof. Wu has been studied and worked in Japan for 26 years. He is very familiar with the mode of high education in Japan. In general, a university in Japan provides three chances for every student. There are two sections required for a student go into a university, namely, a general examination hold nationally and a special examination hold by the university. There are varied proportions between the two parts. There are two (or more) chances for the university organized examinations, which depend on whether it is a public or private university. Therefore, such kind of two examinations ensures the unity of national high education and autonomy of the university. The university in Japan finally take the whole result of the two examinations, which is alike the SUSTech. He spoke highly of the 631 admission plan in SUSTech. He said “It breaks the traditional one examination determines the final path of a student’s life, which provides more chance for the further of our country.” From the framework of admission, cultivation and administration, he believed SUSTech was a university that keeps pace with the advanced universities in the world, which would attract a large number of excellent scholars. “If I stay in Japan, it is peaceful life there. But in the time of high developing China, I am stimulated by the spirt of SUSTech in Shenzhen”, when he spoke this, it sounds excited.

Student should be active and work hard
Prof. Wu said “First of all, I am admired by the students who chose SUSTech. Since SUSTech is such a young university, the student should have broad vision and adventurous spirt.” When it mentions the students in SUSTech, Prof. Wu shows more smiles than general. He expressed that when he firstly came to the SUSTech, his workmates shared the stories of students. This appealed his more expectations. For example, a story shared by Prof. Yiming Rong, chairman in the Department of Mechanical and Power Engineering. Right before Prof. Rong joins SUSTech, a freshman sent an email to him to propose a plan of start a race car team, which is beneficial for the research of car and its mechanism. “The positive attitude to research is what I expect to see.”, Prof. Wu said. In his opinion, the attitude shown by students in SUSTech reflects the students devote themselves to academic research, which is induced by the good atmosphere in SUSTech. To perform academic research should have the spirt of active investigation, discovering problems, asking questions, communication with advisors and collaboration with others student on campus, which are essential to make progress in probing the summit of science.
In addition, Prof. Wu advocates the teachers to cultivate the habits of diligence and careness for students. As he said, “We aim at cultivate students who are diligent, concentrate on research and step by step”. In his perspective, to teach the student knowledge and experiment is what a student can learn in any other universities. However, to cultivate a student hold careful attitude is not easy. A student should make full use of himself to learn knowledge and probe the tough questions. He agrees the famous word said by Chairman Mao, “Everything in the world afraid the careful attitude”. He told us that the majority undergraduate students start their work in the freshman and sophomore stages in Japan. When they are in the junior stage, all of the undergraduate students have their researches in the lab. “I would like to bring the good points from Japan to China. Specifically, the prudent way of research”, said by Prof. Wu. As what he observed, Chinese students are clever enough, but cannot calm down to work on research. This is also what he had when he was a Ph.D. candidate. Because the experimental results were not so good as what he expected, he had to carry out 100 times to get 10 good data. Therefore, patience is essential for research. The progress cannot be achieve in a second.
In the end, Prof. Wu expressed his confidence to the development of SUSTech. He told us the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology does not have a long history. However, it has been a world famous university. This is a good example we have to learn. As what he said, “A good university should pay attention in three aspects. Namely, high level Prof.s, professional and devoted administrative team, excellent student. The SUSTech has equipped the three aspects. Great progress will be made in the near future”.

Translator: Pengfei Ji