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Robotics Frontier Forum Held by Mechanical Engineering Department

  On July 10th, 2017, Robotics Frontier Forum hosted by MEE Department of SUSTc was held in the meeting room 301 of Wisdom Valley block 5. Scholars from nationally and internationally well-known universities and industry representatives attended the meeting. The forum was hosted by Department Dean, professor Yiming Rong and the meeting consisted of employment ceremony and specially invited reports. Professor then introduced the background of this meeting to the young specialists. Professor Susheng Wang from Planning and Development Department at SUSTc made a speech in the meeting to congratulate that Professor Yiming Chen from NTU was recruited as the specialist of the Recruitment Program of Global Experts and granted him the name of specially employed Chair Professor. Below are the photographs of the specialists. 

   The forum consists of 9 reports. Professor Yiming Chen from NTU gave a report with topic "Innovations in Construction Service Robots". Associate professor Chenglong Fu from MEE Department at SUSTc gave a report on the introduction "神经力学与穿戴式助力机器人的融合". General manager Zhe Liang from Shenzhen Xeno Dynamics Co.,Ltd made a report with topic "外骨骼机器人技术与应用". Professor Qi Hao from Computer Science Department at SUSTc gave a report about " Intelligent Sensing for Autonomous Systems ". 
   Dr. Shuai Guo from Shanghai Robotics Institute shared his research on "建筑装饰施工画线机器人研制及示范应用". Electric motor technology supervisor Mr. Guoping Zhang from Shenzhen Hans Laser Co.,Ltd gave a report of "机器人产品介绍". Teaching professor Wende Ke from MEE Department at SUSTc shared his research on "油罐爬壁机器人研制". Assistant professor Yuji Zheng from MEE Department at SUSTc reported with topic of " The Rise of Microscopic Surgeons Micro/Nanorobots for Biomedical Applications". Dr. Wei Liu from CUHK introduced "构建更好的机器人深度视觉" in the meeting. 

   During the interaction section of the forum, specialists answered the questions from the teachers and students and discussed a series of problems. 
   After the meeting, principal Shiyi Chen met with professor Yiming Chen. Professor Yiming Chen also discussed SUSTc's future plan of research on robotics techniques with relevant professors. 
Brief Introduction on Professor Yiming Chen:
Professor Chen is the specialist in 13th group of SUSTc's short-term innovation specialists of the Recruitment Program of Global Experts and he is an internationally famous robotics specialist. His research area is robotics and automation, including design methodology of robots, precise actuators, wearable sensors and interaction. In addition, his research involves logistics robots and infrastructure robots. 

Translator: Xiaochuan Xiao