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2017 Mechanical Engineering Department Excellent Undergraduate Summer Camp Successfully Held

   In order to enhance the communication among excellent undergraduates, providing an opportunity for them to know about South University of Science and Technology, inspiring their interest in science and innovation and recruiting students with development potential, MEE department held a 3-day undergraduates summer camp between July 11 and 14, 2017. Based on transcripts, research experience and interest, 30 students out of 222 were selected to attend the summer camp in Shenzhen. Through activities such as department introduction, teachers and students union party and company visiting, MEE showed its development and SUSTc's philosophy of "Knowledge, Innovation, Entrepreneurship" as well as the international outlook and future development potential. During the summer camp, the early admission of SUSTc's graduate program, where students have opportunities to express their talents, was initiated simultaneously. 
   At 9:00 on the morning of July 12th, 2017 SUSTc undergraduates summer camp officially commenced. Principal Shiyi Chen gave a speech in the opening ceremony to warmly welcome the 400 students from various national high class universities. Associate principal Tao Tang briefly introduced the history, current status and future development plan of SUSTc. They said , even though SUSTc was a young university, its development was relatively rapid while its development potential was great. He also said that SUSTc welcomed students with courage and dreams to work together with SUSTcers to create a miracle in Chinese education history. 
     In the afternoon of July 12th, lead by the volunteers, 30 students from summer camp visited MEE department. Department dean professor Yiming Rong introduced the disciplines, staff, development plan and graduate programs of MEE to the visiting students in details. Many professors of MEE department attended the meeting and communicated with students about the research area and graduate program application of MEE. 
In the morning of July 13th, the exam-exempted recommendation interview of graduate program of MEE department was held in Lychee Valley. Students showed their professional knowledge and research plan one after another. The atmosphere of the interview was serious and intense and the content of candidates' speech were attractive and innovative. Professors' evaluation criterion are based on not only the professional knowledge and skills but also the ability of application as well as problem solving skills. After the interview, professors spoke highly of student's performance and students admired professors for their expertise and broad vision. Students hoped for opportunities to work under the supervision of professors and wished for rapid advance in research ability.
In order to enhance the understanding of students on SUSTc and MEE department, a summer camp union party was held in Staff's Home in the evening of July 13th. Many SUSTc undergraduates, graduates and 4 MEE volunteers of class 2017 are invited to participate the party to share with students about the experience in MEE department. The programs of the show were wonderful and the atmosphere was friendly. When talking about the feeling on SUSTc, students said they were impressed by her beauty, her inclusiveness, her freedom. They were also impressed by the personality of MEE professors and their attitude towards students. SUSTc's pursuit of innovation and investment of resources strongly inspired students' desire for knowledge and dreams. 
Summer camp also organized students to visit Shenzhen Venture Valley and Shenzhen Ubisoft (education) Co,.Ltd. The visit aimed to help students know more about the practical application of technology so that they can pay more attention on application when they conducted research. After the visit, students were astonished by the development of Shenzhen and hope for utilizing Shenzhen's advantage of resource and policy to prosper in their research area. 
In the afternoon of July 14, the commencement ceremony of the MEE summer camp was held in room 301 of Wisdom Valley block 5. Based on the performance during summer camp, Shibo Zhang, Donghan Xie and other 4 students were elected as the outstanding camp members and MEE dean professor Yiming Rong granted them the certificates. During the 3-day summer camp, SUSTc impressed students with her philosophy of freedom, inclusiveness and international outlook. Her determination on educational reform and her sincere attitude towards students deeply touched them. Students have seen a different university, felt another kind of development possibility and they were inspired by the courage and vitality of SUSTcers. They also wanted to be part of the new generation of SUSTc!

2017 SUSTc summer camp was successfully held and the recruitment of graduates of class 2018 has just begun! Thank teachers for their assistance and participation, thank students for their attention on SUSTc MEE department and thank volunteers for their hard working! MEE department sincerely welcomes students with courage, ambition and dreams. Let us create a splendid future together!

Translator: Xiaochuan Xiao