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SUSTech’s 2017 Freshmen Carry Out Military Training

  With a new semester approaching, the military training season has begun. Some think the experience is fun, while others really dread its harsh nature. On August 29 2017, the freshmen of the Southern University of Science and Technology of China (SUSTech) took part in military drills as part of the Shenzhen National Defense Education Base program. Li Fengliang, vice-chairperson of the University Council, Han Wei, director of the Residential colleges, Cui Zhaokun, director of the Shenzhen Municipal Defense Education and Training Base and the heads of the relevant departments of the university, training officers and soldiers, as well as college counselors and all the 2017 freshmen students attended the opening ceremony.

           The opening ceremony kicked off with the solemn national anthem ringing out, capturing the participants’ attention. After a whole night of training, the students still formed neat lines, stood straight, and gave a fantastic display of their high spirits and mental determination.

          Freshmen representative Hu Yanxi spoke on behalf of the students at the ceremony, saying that: "three months ago, the University was the source of our determination. We have experienced an intensive summer, experienced the moment of our dreams when we were accepted, and we - as the new generation of SUSTech - accept the challenge awaiting us”. She proposed to all new students to:" firmly obey orders, listen to our elders, temper emotions, work on our style; inspire our peers, and stand tall!”.

Han Wei raises the military training group flag.

          Director of the Shenzhen Municipal Defense Education and Training Base Cui Zhaokun then followed with a speech. He said that the students military training is an important component of the comprehensive national defense strategy, and serves to promote national defense education as an important guarantee to ensure high-quality training. Participating in military training allows to enhance students' awareness of national defense and improve the military quality and cultivate the spirit of selfless dedication. He encouraged the students wholeheartedly to train hard and listen to the commands. He also asked instructors to be serious in their discipline, to maintain strict requirements, and rigorous education.

          Li Fengliang then followed on the stage to give a speech on behalf of all the teachers and students. He said it is important to be involved in the training of the new military officers and men, as a way to pay tribute to the long-term concern and support of the country’s military and national defense education leadership. He thanked all the trainers, teachers and students, mentioning that military training cultivates the four consciousness - namely, national defense, collective, discipline and hard work. He encouraged the students to seek out the true meaning of collective life, and to realize that they should follow their commands, that unity is the true meaning of power, so that they can develop a strong ideological and behavioral character, high morale and a new spirit of hard work, which will enrich their university life. He concluded saying that he hoped the students would be vigorous and resolute in their training, to meet the strict military standards, be prepared to overcome difficulties and be full of confidence.

          After the opening ceremony, Li Fengliang led the students to their dormitory.

          During the military training, new military counselors and the SUSTech freshmen lived and ate together in the barracks. New enrollment education will also be carried out during the military training. In China, high school and undergraduate students often have mandatory military training in late summer or early autumn. After their training, the students would go on to study for their degrees. 

Text: Student News Agency Zhou Xinyi

Photo: Wang Kaiqiang Li Chengkun Dong Xing