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We would like to cultivate excellent students.

“Tied by the China to travel the world, Prof. Zhu’s students make differences throughout the China. The kindhearted words from Prof. Zhu benefits everybody, the high virtue of Prof. Zhu is a representatively shining diamond of China.”
---- Extolled by Prof. Zhu’s Ph.D. Kang Du
As an advisor, his students speak highly of him; as an academic scholar, he holds several patents; as an entrepreneur, he is ready for industrialization. This is Prof. Zhu, who comes from the Department of Mechanical and Engineering in SUSTech. In his fifties, he joined SUSTech. As he said, “It is my pleasure to come to SUSTech. I am proud of SUSTech. I wish we could open up a new era together and witness the growing up of SUSTech. I am think that when I retire, there are still lots of wonderful stories of SUSTech”.

 【Devoted to scientific research and breakthrough】
Prof. Zhu used to work in High temperature alloy lab in University of Science and Technology Beijing, National Metallic Composite Material Engineering Research Center, General Research Institute for Nonferrous Metals. He has a special love to material science. From the multiphase material to advanced prototyping and additive manufacture, computer aided engineering, he made great progress. Prof. Zhu published more than 100 journal papers, held more than 30 patents and worked as the principle investigator for national fundamental material research project, national 863 plan, national support and international cooperation projects. Prof. made great progress in the light weight component of vehicle. He has developed semi-solid technology to produce compatible aluminum alloy to the one casted from conventional method, which meets the demand for energy conservation and light weight material. At the present, the light weight material has be applied widely, including Swiss ABB, BYD and XCMG, etc. The value of technical transition is as high as ten million Chinese Yuan.
Some people like the lazy life. However, Prof. Zhu is an exception. When he worked in General Research Institute for Nonferrous Metals with a highly developing career, he decided to start a new career in SUSTech. As he said, “When I was a student, I devoted to research. Currently, the semi-solid prototyping technology has been industrialized. I am planning to the next stage. Somebody may suggest me continuing the current research for improvement. While, I am going for another scientific career in my life”. Prof. zhu likes the positive attitudes of students and high speed of development in SUSTech. When a scholar/student comes to SUSTech, he/she will have a broad platform realize his/her dream. There are lots of friends who have the same dreams. Prof. Zhi eagers to see the breakthrough of his life and the development of SUSTech.

 【Balanced management make the plus of one to one greater than two】
Standing in front of a classroom, Prof. Zhu enlightens students. Merging into the lab, Prof. Zhu devotes himself to research. Making lectures in the academic colloquium, Prof. Zhu plays the role of leader in his field of research. When it comes to here, someone may confuse that how does it enables Prof. Zhu take so many roles. “The truth is to reasonably manage schedule to do something he likes. Rather than taking the trials and losing the essences, the plus of one to one could be greater than two.”, which is what Prof. Zhu told us.
When he recalled his undergraduate life, Prof. Zhu suggested us taking more activates and make a good plan of schedule. “No matter it is to carry out research, or manage a team, the philosophy is the same. They benefit each other. Therefore, please take as many activities as one can. During the process, a student encounters something that does not exist in research and life. Secondly, a student has to learn how to express his ideas and convince others. This is another important point.

 【Every choice is correct】
There are thousands of choice of throughout the life. When we are young, we face the problem where we go. Moreover, the choice is decided by to make full use of all the scientific methods. Prof. Zhu said, “Follow you heart, when it is time to make choice. However, before you make your choice, every choice is correct. Without the wrong choice, there will be no wrong life”. After obtained his Ph.D. degree, Prof. Zhu’s advisor, the chairman of national key lab in University of Science and Technology Beijing, academician Guoliang Chen asked Prof. Zhu to take his way to continue academic research in Beijing. However, Prof. Zhu did not follow Prof. Chen’s suggestion. “At that moment, many friends hope me follow Prof. Chen for a promising future. However, I do not regret making my choice, because it was not a wrong choice. I am still happy at the present. Therefore, please never regret your choice. Otherwise, your life will be tough”.

 【Cultivate excellent student】
When it comes to education, Prof. Zhu made an example. The students can be regarded as raw material. The university take the role of factory. Prof.s are the production line. When the raw materials are transported to our factory, Prof.s have to teach them, enlighten them and train them. Eventually, all the students are excellent.
For undergraduate education, Prof. Zhu thought “The undergraduate education is a transition from high school to the social society, which is also the growing up process from a child to an adult. The undergraduate education is also process of study. The more a student learns, the fast a student makes progress. It seems like sponge. The more a sponge absorbs, the more it is mature”. As for the graduate education, Prof. Zhu said a graduate student is not only a simple student, he/she is also an independent researcher. Comparing with undergraduate student, the graduate study is not only a processing of study, it is also a process of output. With the accumulation of knowledge, a graduate student should make a different by performing independent research. The whole process includes study, asking, output and paying back. The faster a graduate transfer, the faster progress a graduate student will make. A Ph.D graduate study is like a master graduate study. Prof. Zhu said, “An advisor is the person offers a student the opportunity, the final progress should be made by the student himself/herself. I would like to provide a broad platform and plenty resource for the students. But a student should have his/her own way to make progress”.
“There is no absolute conclusion a student is better than the other. A student should take the right position of himself/herself. A Prof. should play the role of cultivate the student and help me pave his/her own way.”,  additional remarks from Prof. Zhu.

【Make the metallic processing and 3D printing in SUSTech as a world leading university】
Aiming at the future goal, Prof. Zhu expressed all the workmates should create a platform for the mechanical engineering in SUSTech. In addition, 3D printing is also another topic he interested in. “It is time for us to make a great goal with confidence and faith to put the metallic processing and 3D printing in SUSTech to a world leading level.” said by Prof. Zhu. Meanwhile, Prof. Zhu welcomed the students who are interested in the metallic prototyping and 3D printing “Created in China 2015” to join his lab.

Translator: Pengfei Ji