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Rigorous manner, inquiring spirt and innovative soul

As the youngest professor in Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering in SUSTech, Prof. Xu graduated from the advisory of famous Japanese scholar Prof. Tsunemoto Kuriyagawa in precision processing. Prof. Xu was the special research and assistant professor in JPSP in Tohoku University. He is good at ultrasonic wave aided and laser aided micro-/nano-processing and make plenty of innovative progress. In the beginning of 2017, Prof. Xu joined Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering in SUSTech. When it comes his opinion to SUSTech, the most impressive to him is the students in SUSTech. As a teacher, the most imperative task is to educate student. During the contact with students, he finds the students are active to participate research projects.

【Learning the mechanical engineering again】
 During our visit to Prof. Xu, we asked him his perspective to the subject of mechanical engineering. He expressed that since the development of mechanical engineering, it is no long the conventional big machine and large scale mode at the present. It evolves to smaller, more precise, more intelligent and more functionalized direction. Therefore, we have to learn the mechanical engineering again. He said in the field of his research, especially the ultra-high precision processing and micro-/nano-manufacture, Prof. Xu was excited. He took the screen of smart phone for example to introduce how the micro-/nano-processing is implemented. With the aid of laser, microstructures are generated on the surface of screen, which has application in the interdisciplinary field of chemical engineering. There are also bionic application, such as the structure of sharkskin, which is antiseptic and anti-finger print.   

【Expectation to students in mechanical engineering】
To the students who will to devote themselves to mechanical engineering, Prof. Xu suggested they emphasize on the initiative of practical training and scientific research, the ability of positive and active study, practical manipulation and teamwork. “The concentration and devotion of something comes from the love to it”, said by Prof. Xu. The modern mechanical engineering is no longer the traditional framework of knowledge, it also needs the background of interdisciplinary, which requires the students have the initiative and ability of study. Meanwhile, the capability of manipulation is also essential to students in mechanical engineering. To accomplish the design and assemble of some equipment, as well as cooperate with others are also required.

 【Sporty Guy】
The other impressive memory to Prof. Xu is the gymnastic center in SUSTech. Prof. Xu is good at table tenuis, tenuis and swimming. However, there are heavy tasks since his coming to SUSTech, he only tried running in the evening. He advocates students make appointments with him to play together.

 【Future work】
Prof. Xu shared us with his work since he was an undergraduate student. At that time, his dream to be an entrepreneur to contribute to the society and China. The key point of a successful entrepreneur is the ability of management. During his freshman and sophomore stages, he persisted to learning knowledge in management and psychology. “When I am free I read books in these fields, which seems has nothing to do with my major, the knowledge benefits me stilly. It also benefits my life, such as my characteristic and way of thinking, which further seen in the work after graduation.

 【Interdisciplinary Study】
Prof. Xu studied inorganic material science during his undergraduate study and geologic engineering during his master graduate study. He transferred to mechanical engineering during his Ph.D. graduate study. The unique experience of study makes him has unique understanding of interdisciplinary study. He remaindered the students who do not have sufficient confidence to be careful when it is to transfer greatly from one major to the other. The moderate interdisciplinary study is good for the determined research for the majority of students, which also plays an important role in the process of interdisciplinary research.

【Love China】
We felt intense love to China during our visit to Prof. Xu. No matter it is to be an entrepreneur or learning ultra-high precision processing abroad, Prof. Xu’s love to China impressed us, even though no obvious words were mentioned.

Translator: Pengfei Ji