Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering

The Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering (MEE) was born in January 2016. With distinguished faculty members, coverage of leading-edge disciplines, and advanced philosophy of education, MEE is flourishing as rapidly as time flies.  

Since establishment, MEE has attracted numerous high-level talents from overall the world, forming a brilliant teaching and research team. The team includes 19 tenured/tenure-tracked professors and 60 teaching professors, research professors and engineers, out of whom 1 is elected as fellow of Canadian Academy of Engineering, 6 are senior specialists introduced through "Recruitment Program of Global Experts", 1 is "Changjiang Scholar", and 1 is young specialist by "Recruitment Program of Global Experts". 

The teaching and the research scopes of MEE covers innovative design, robotics and automation, and energy engineering. Focusing on these three disciplines, five key labs are established, namely intelligent manufacturing lab, advanced forming and additive manufacturing lab, precision machining lab, robotics and automation lab, and energy engineering laboratory. MEE achieved rapid development in the past year. From statistics in October, 2017, MEE is conducting nearly 30 approved research programs supported by National Key Research and Development Program, National Natural Science Foundation, Guangdong Introduction Project of Scientific Innovation Team, Shenzhen Key Laboratory, Peacock Team, Peacock Technology Innovation and enterprise coop eration projects of many companies. The overall research funding within the recent two years exceeds one hundred million yuan.

The objective of MEE is to build a world’s top education and research center by integrating frontier and interdisciplinary fields and implementing a creative teaching method, which involves general education to solidify students’ science foundation and innovative-practical courses to train students for capability of mechanical engineer. Undergraduates of MEE, after graduation, are competent to conduct fundamental research with engineering application, develop and manufacture creative products, exploration and application of novel materials, new technologies and new processing methods, and perform engineering management. They can either continue to pursue graduate degree in MEE or related majors or engage in research and management in companies, research institutes or government-affiliated institutions.   

The undergraduate major of MEE was approved by Ministry of Education in March, 2017 and MEE have recruited 34 undergraduates from 2014 to 2015, 2 PhDs and 9 masters in 2016, 6 PhDs from joint degree program and 28 masters in 2017, and more than 10 PhDs from joint degree program and 43 masters from SUSTech-HIT joint degree program in 2018. In order to broaden students’ global field of vision, MEE makes great efforts to establish collaboration with global top universities and companies. There are plenty of opportunities for students to put knowledge into practice or do internship in research institutes or companies including exchange programs with units abroad. The current collaboration units include top universities in the US, Canada, UK, Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong and well-known companies such as Timken, Honeywell, DJI-Innovations, and Huawei.

Oriented to future development of mechanical engineering, MEE focuses on education of students with solid science foundation, interdisciplinary background as well as deep humanistic literacy. Such students could be either academic talents capable of conducting engineering and fundamental research or creative talents capable of leading an engineering project.