Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering

General Introduction
The Mechanical and Energy Engineering Department of SUSTc was established in January 2016. Currently, there are 11 full-time teaching and research professors and 30 teaching professors, research professors, experiment engineers, post-doctoral researchers and research assistants in the department. Among all professors, 5 of them are the specialists of the Recruitment Program of Global Experts and one of them is Changjiang distinguished professor. MEE department combines the advantage of cross-linked cutting edge disciplines with research, innovation and value realization in mechanical and energy disciplines and commits to educate professional talents with excellent innovation ability and fosters the development of scientific research and commercialization. The research area of MEE department consists of robotics and automation, innovation design and advanced manufacture, and energy engineering. Moreover, the 5 key laboratories of MEE department are intelligent manufacturing lab, forming and additive manufacturing lab, precision machining engineering lab, robotics and automation lab, and energy engineering lab. MEE department aims to establish a high-level education base of innovation talents and research center of core technology.
The development of MEE department was rapid in the past year. According to the development plan, a teaching and research team was preliminarily established. In the next five years, MEE department wishes to establish a world class research and teaching group. The teaching and research area of MEE department involves robotics and innovation, innovation design and advanced manufacture, energy engineering. Currently, MEE department has established Shenzhen advance functionality material additive manufacture key laboratory, intelligent manufacture innovation center, and 5 research labs of intelligent manufacture, advanced forming and 3D printing, precision machining, biomimetic robots and energy engineering. Up to now, MEE has 15 research projects in progress, such as National Key Research Program, National Nature And Science Fund, Guangdong Introduced Scientific Innovation Team Program, Shenzhen Key Laboratory, Peacock Team etc. The total research fund received exceeds 100 million RMB and the research achievement are published on internationally famous journals.
The mission of MEE department is to educate talents who care about the future development of mechanical engineering and possess excellent scientific research knowledge and skills, innovation spirit, international outlook and systematic thinking mode. They should be capable of solving significant scientific problems and engineering challenges by applying the theories and methodology in the area of mechanical engineering and relevant disciplines. After graduation, undergraduate students can engage in the scientific research of engineering application, the development and manufacture of innovative products, or the research and application of cutting edge material, technology and techniques as well as the engineering management. Furthermore, they can continue their graduate study in mechanical engineering or relevant disciplines and engage in research, development, teaching and management in various companies, research institutes, universities etc.
The establishment request of the undergraduate program was applied in 2016 and the program was approved in March, 2017. The official degree offering is expected to be in 2018. The number of undergraduate students of class 2014,2015 will reach 35. In 2016, MEE department admitted 2 Ph.D students and 9 graduate students. The number of graduate students admitted is expected to be substantially increased in 2017. During the period of study, students will be provided with internship opportunities to work in companies and research institutions. In addition, students have opportunities to go abroad as exchange students. The oversea universities in cooperation with MEE include universities in U.S., Canada, UK, Japan, Singapore and HK etc.
Currently, MEE department is recruiting high level talents from oversea. By the end of 2018, the number of teaching and research professors will reach 24. The department insists on establishing a research and education team of excellence. All of the present professors in MEE department have working experience at internationally famous universities overseas. They are working with great enthusiasm in the frontier research area and making contribution to solving the significant scientific problems.