Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering

General Introduction
   The Mechanical and Energy Engineering Department at SUSTech was founded in Jan,2016, aiming for a toptier world class education or research facility . The Department now has five “Thousand Plan Pr ogram”talents, and several other talents with oversea high-level educational or work experience.
   Mechanical Engineering is an engineering discipline to study the innovative design and advanced manufacturing of industrial products, industrial automation, intelligent machinery, and energy development and utilization as well as industrial management science. Mechanical Engineering is a foundation discipline for the product function and innovative realization, high quality and low cost assurance, and high production efficiency, playing an important role in global economics. The study of Mechanical Engineering is based on physics and mechanics principles, involving science fundamentals, engineering fundamentals, mechanical engineering major courses, and engineering practice. The graduates from Mechanical and Energy Engineering department will be ready to take technical and societal challenges for solving problems in the national needs. The discipline is characterized by theory and engineering practice, which is a powerful tool for discovering and applying the law and also changing our world.
   The Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering at SUSTech consists of three academic directions in undergraduate and graduate education. The three directions are Robotics and Automation, Innovative Design and Advanced Manufacturing, and Energy Engineering. In Mar. 2016, the Department started recruiting postgraduate students , and now the Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering has 17 postgraduate students and 8 Ph.D students.
Faculty Introduction
  We have a group of famous domestic and overseas scholars and experts who have earned a certain popularity and influence in their research fields, and they all experienced on scientific research and education. High-level personnel at home and abroad are recruiting in mechanical engineering; dozens of tenure sequence teachers in the next 5 years will be expected. Discipline development will focus on innovation and talent cultivation.