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Department teacher

  • Yiming Rong
    Yiming Rong

    Department head, Chair Professor Research Areas: Precision Manuf...

  • ​Qiang Zhu
    ​Qiang Zhu

    Chair Professor Research Areas:metal advanced forming, additive ...

  • Haijiang Wang
    Haijiang Wang

    Chair Professor Research Areas: Electrochemical Energy and Fuel Cell

  • Bi Zhang
    Bi Zhang

    Chair Professor Research Areas: Additive subtractive hybrid manufacturing; precision machining

  • Yongbo Wu
    Yongbo Wu

    Chair Professor Research Areas: Advanced Manufacturing and Precision Processing

  • Yiming Chen
    Yiming Chen

    Distinguished Visiting Professor Research Areas: Robot and automation

  • Zaiyue Yang
    Zaiyue Yang

    Professor Research Areas: Smart grid、 Automatic control、Signal processing

  • Chenglong Fu
    Chenglong Fu

    Associate professor Research Areas: Robotics and artificial intelligence

  • ​Shaolin Xu
    ​Shaolin Xu

    Assistant professor Research Areas:Hybrid machining, biomimetic micro- nanofabrication

  • U Kei Cheang
    U Kei Cheang

    Assistant Professor Research Areas: micro- and nanorobotics

  • Liang Guo
    Liang Guo

    Assistant professor Research Areas: Nanoscale Energy Conversion and Transfer, Laser processing

  • Hui Deng
    Hui Deng

    Assistant professor Research Areas: Atomic level super finishing

  • Jiaming Bai
    Jiaming Bai

    Assistant Professor Research Areas: Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)

  • Chaoyang​ Song
    Chaoyang​ Song

    Assistant Professor Research Areas: Mechanical Design, Bionic Robotics, Robotic Learning

  • Shuai Wang
    Shuai Wang

    Assistant professor Research Areas: structural materials in new...

  • Chengzhi Hu
    Chengzhi Hu

    Assistant Professor Research Areas:Multi-Scale Robotics Laboratory...

  • Yonghua Zhao
    Yonghua Zhao

    Assistant professor Research Areas: EDM, ECM, Energy Beam Nano Fabrication

  • Wende Ke
    Wende Ke

    Teaching Associate Professor Research Areas:robot control, multi-...

  • Dong Lu
    Dong Lu

    Teaching Associate Professor Research Areas: Advanced Manufacturing and Precision machining

  • Yan Wei
    Yan Wei

    Teaching Assistant Professor Research Areas: Nano particles on ...

Part-time teachers in school

Part-time teachers outside