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The research group of ‘Lightweight New Materials’, leaded by our department Prof. Qiang Zhu, has received financial support from Shenzhen ‘Peacock Team’

Recently, the Science, Technology and Innovation Council of Shenzhen has announced that the research team of Vehicles and Communications Equipment Lightweight New Materials, leaded by Prof. Qiang zhu at Department of Mechanical and Energy Energineering, Southern University of Science and Technology of China, has been selected in the second ‘Peacock Team’ list. A research grant totaling RMB20,000,000 will be granted.

The research team, including three ‘National innovation thousand talents’ and one ‘National youth thousand talents’, has abundant scientific achievements and rich research experience in the field of new material development, automobile structure design and intelligent manufacturing, etc.
The team has been carrying out whole process chain development for many years in new semi-solid materials design, semi-solid materials preparation and lightweight parts manufacturing technologies, etc. under the leadership of Prof. Zhu, initially forming the most advanced high solid phase ratio semi-solid manufacturing technologies and automatic production line around the world and realizing the industrial application of products for Dongfeng Automobile, BYD and Huawei etc. 8 automatic production lines have been built in China at present, providing high quality parts for vehicles and communications enterprises.

In response to the call, ‘Made in China 2025’, the team combines the lightweight new materials development with semi-solid intelligent manufacturing technologies and launches Innovative research on new materials and intelligent manufacturing technologies for vehicles and communications equipment, realizing the energy saving and emission reduction for fuel vehicles, the enhanced performance for new energy automobiles and the optimization of structures and properties for communications equipment and building platforms for production technology innovation and incubation. They have made positive contribution to the upgrading of lightweight materials and manufacturing technologies for Shenzhen, Guangdong province and even for China.