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Sino-Japan International Symposium on Ultra-precision and Micro Machining Hosted at SUSTech

SUSTech recently hosted the International Symposium on Ultra Precision Micro and Nano Processing Technology. The President of Japan's Ultra-precision Micro/ Nano Processing Institute Suzuki Hirofumi was one of many renowned scholars who attended the conference. Companies such as Huawei, DJI and Japan’s Mitaka Kohki Co Ltd were also in attendance, along with more than 80 other companies from China and Japan.

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At the seminar, the Head of the Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering introduced the academic discipline planning of SUSTech. Suzuki Hirofumi, other famous scholars, and business representatives made academic reports on the different fields of ultra-precision micro processing. They also discussed the potential for ultra-precision and micro/nanofabrication process cooperation between Japan and Shenzhen. Both experts and business representatives of the conference discussed the integration of production, teaching, and research, and provided ideas for the rapid transformation of scientific research achievements into productive forces.

 Chair Professor Zhang bi presiding the chairProfessor Rong Yiming Speech .

 Professor SUZUKI Hirofumi making the academic report

 Professor Wu Yongbo making the academic report

 Participants' photo (part)

Participating experts and business representatives unanimously agreed that Shenzhen, at the heart of Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macau, in the Dawan District, will usher in unprecedented opportunities. High-level, in-depth cooperation between China and Japan for ultra-precision machining is the trend of the times, and all parties agreed that this opportunity should be firmly seized, and everyone should work together to create a concerted effort.
The precision machining is one of the key research directions by the Department of mechanical and energy engineering of Southern University of science and technology. At present, there are 5 research scientists professors (including 1 Chair Professor and 1 forthcoming assistant professor). All of them own world famous universities PH.D degree and have the experiences of overseas teaching and scientific research. After more than 1 year construction, the area of the laboratory has reached more than 1000 square meters and the money spend on purchasing research instruments and equipment up to nearly twenty million Yuan. It has formed a scientific research team composed of more than 30 people, including post-doctoral, doctoral students and research assistants. In order to accelerate the development of advanced international scientific research and achieved fruitful results in world-class scientific research, it is very important and urgent to carry out international exchange of science and technology with developed countries such as Japan and Germany.

Translator: Jiang  Zeng